What is Massage Therapy?

Relaxing Massage


Massage Therapy is a holistic health practice beginning earlier than 5,000 BCE. Modern massage combines techniques and modalities from around the world to  focus on manual and mechanical manipulation of muscles and soft tissues to help improve function, range of motion, and daily living of those seeking massage.

Specialty Massage

Injury Recovery: $65 for 60 min








Working with you and your healthcare team, injury massage uses several different modalities to meet you where you are and help improve muscle and soft tissue function and range of motion. A great complimentary tool to your regular health team.

Sports/Events: $75 for 60 min







A fast or slow paced massage involving stretching, point work, and focused strokes to help with injury recovery and athletic performance

4 Handed: $130 for 60 min








Any massage modality combined with the luxury of twice the bodywork in the same amount of time with 4 hands (2 practitioners.)

Trauma Release: $65 for 60 min







Focusing on a combination of breathwork, myofascial, and trigger point release, this modality seeks to assist in nervous system reset and trauma point work to help the body release past trauma.

Sports massage on leg
Image by Yogendra Singh
Palm Massage

Classic Massage

Deep Tissue: $65 for 60 min









A deep modality using a combination of deep, broad strokes and specific point work to increase motion and movement while maintaining a relaxed state.               

Myofascial Release: $65 for 60 min












A gentle modality using light stretching motions to release fascial tension and increase soft tissue movement and motion.

Trigger Point: $65 for 60 min







A deep modality using specific point work to loosen muscles and increase movement and motion.

Swedish: $65 for 60 min

*Hot stone: $10 add-on






A relaxing modality using soft, flowing strokes to increase circulation and feeling of general well-being. *The use of heated stones to assist with relaxation and increased circulation.

Couples: $130 for 60 min








A relaxing massage with two practitioners and two clients in one room. Good for a night out with a partner, treating a friend, or celebrating other special occasions.

Infant Massage: $35 for 30 min





A gentle massage modality tailored to your infant's needs. Assists in soothing, calming and relaxing a baby or child. Baby or child must be accompanied by a parent or gradian over the age of 18.

Upper Back Massage
Back Massage
Neck Massage
Body Massage
Hot Stones
Head Massage

Eastern Massage

Shiatsu: $65 for 60 min










A fully clothed modality performed on a mat that allows the client to experience relief and healing through activating the nervous points allowing the fascial and meridian pathways of the body. Great for releasing fascial tension, stimulating the nervous system, and activating the mind.

Thai Yoga: $65 for 60 min









A fully clothed modality performed on a mat or table using stretching and compression to release tension, increase range of motion, and balance the body. 

Subtle Body

Craniosacral Techniques: $65 for 60 min





A light touch, fully clothed series of techniques working with the nerves, bones, fluids, and tissues of the head, spinal cord, and sacrum to balance the mind and body.

Reflexology: $35 for 30 min








A holistic healing modality using specific point work to connect organ points on the hands and feet with organs in the body, to help increase mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.                     

Reiki/Healing Touch: $30 for 30 min









A light/no-touch energy based modality that interacts with the subtle body to help increase mental, physical, emotional, and energetic wellbeing and promote relaxation.

Yoga Class
Reiki Treatment
Head Massage
Image by Milada Vigerova