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Therapy Sessions
Massage Therapy

Relieves stress, increases circulation, improves performance and posture, reduces muscle fatigue, and enhances healing of the mind body and spirit.

Body Massage
Community Classes

Interested in learning more about helping you or your family's health journey? Take a look at our community classes.

Yoga Class
Holistic Healing

Take control of your own health journey by applying knowledge of herbal and other alternative practices to compliment modern medical advances in your personal journey

Trauma and Injury Recovery
(Coming Soon)

Healing starts with knowing. Provide your body and mind with the tools needed to start or continue your healing journey.

Physical Therapy Session

Highlight: Tuner Pro

Using vibrational frequency waves, this device assists to stimulate the vagus nerve, creating feelings of calm and wellbeing as well as tuning the nervous system.


To learn more or purchase the Tuner Pro, visit


"I was really satisfied with this massage."

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