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What Exactly is Thai Yoga Massage?

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Originating in Thailand, Thai Yoga Massage, or Assisted Yoga, actually began as a healing practice in ancient Thai temples over 2,500 years ago by Buddhist healer, Jivaka Komarabhacc.

Combining a mixture of assisted yoga poses, Ayureveric healing techniques, and Indian acupressure techniques, modern day Thai Yoga Massage is a therapeutic massage that works the entire body to increase flexibility and range of motion as well as balance and restore the body. Unlike traditional massage, Thai Massage is performed fully clothed as the client lays on a mat. Throughout the session, the client is guided through a series of poses to open the body and increase movement and flexibility.

When Should I Get Thai?

Due to it's rich history and amazing ability to assist in stress reduction, increased mobility and range of motion, decreased anxiety and depression, and overall wellness, Thai Yoga Massage is very beneficial for those who live an active lifestyle or enjoy movement with their massage. Thai is also a great choice for those wishing to experience something less general than traditional table massage.

And don't let the idea of deep stretches prevent you from experiencing this style of massage. Though Thai Yoga Massage does traditionally focus on deep stretches and poses, Thai can be modified to work within your unique range of motion and comfort level.

Some instances where Thai may need to be modified are localized injury, broken skin, limited range of motion, during menstruation, back and spinal injury, or simply personal comfort level. Practicing Thai Massage therapists are armed with the knowledge to assist you with concerns you may have before, during, or even after a Thai Yoga session.

And When Should I Choose Something Else?

With all of it's benefits, is there a time that Thai Yoga Massage may not be the best for you? The answer is yes. As with all massage modalities, if massage is prohibited by your medical provider, Thai, or any modality may not be best for you. If ill, especially if experiencing fever, unknown rashes, or other communicable illness, Thai is not advised both for your and the practitioner's safety. Due to the physical nature of Thai Yoga, persons experiencing back or other injuries, broken bones, high blood pressure, or heart complications may also have difficulty with Thai massage. As always, consult with your doctor and massage therapist with any questions regarding if a massage treatment is right for you.

Thai Yoga Massage in Action

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